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1-ON-1 service

We at Echo Refund provide quality 1-ON-1 service. You will have a chance to meet with our adviser, explain to him exactly what happened, and our expert will tell you how we can help you and what you need to do.

93% Success rate

The success rate of our company is measured based on all resolved cases we had so far and satisfied clients we had. According to stats, currently, we have a 93% success rate and aiming to be better each and every day.

30-90 days to resolve

From the moment you file your dispute, our experts at Echo Refund have 30-90 days to resolve your issue. Our support will be in touch with you during the procedure, and your adviser will notify you as soon as the dispute is resolved”

Dollars refunded in 2020


How we do it?

Review your case

After you’ve submitted your files and had a meeting with our adviser, we will review your case carefully. It is necessary for both sides to have all the information so the dispute can be resolved successfully!

Fight & Dispute

We at Echo Refund provide excellent service of resolving transaction disputes. After your case is reviewed and we determined that everything is ready, we will start working on resolving your dispute with your bank or the merchant.

Get your money back

We at Echo Refund are specialized in getting money back to clients that lost it due to scams on the financial market. Our financial experts will go above and beyond to help you get your funds back.

#1 chargeback service

Our Mission is to get your money back

Echo Refund is a financial service provider. Our goal is to help our clients that are scammed on the financial market to get their money back. We hired a team of financial experts from different countries to help you out! If you got scammed on Forex Market, Binary Options, CFDs, or Crypto market, we are here to assist you with your dispute with the bank or directly with the merchant. We have a connection with over 500 banks and financial institutions from all over the globe helping us to assist you in the best way possible.

Our Success


I am very pleased with the way Echo Refund has been dealing with my case. All my money has come back to me after i didn’t think i had any hope after being scammed. The way Echo Refund works is very professional and helpful, Thank you Echo Refund.

-Alan Harrison-

Great service!

Echo Refund supported me though a difficult time and continues to fight for me. I am recommending all victims who have been scammed by any of trading companies to go to Echo Refund


-Sharon pearce-

Echo Refund know exactly how to deal with these scammers. I received a refund of all my money that was previously scammed. I learned my lesson and was lucky enough to get back my money. I can’t thank Echo Refund enough!


-Frank Hemming-

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